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Do you know what Roll-ups are? Discover the advertising tool most requested by our clients

We are sure that you have already come across several exhibitors of this type at fairs, commercial spaces or events, as it would be impossible to pass by them without them catching your attention.

Roll-ups are one of the most popular advertising tools in the visual communication market. Also known asretractable banners, roll ups consist of a vertical aluminum support that rolls up a high-quality printed canvas. These banners are used to promote products, services, events or important information to the general public.

There are several types of roll up banner on the market, which offer different print formats and sizes. In this category we offer you two models that are highly sought after by more experienced professionals: the Economic Roll Up and the Roll Up Premium.

The roll up models found at Displays Pro are easy to transport and assemble, and are a convenient option for displaying advertising at events, points of sale or at exhibitions. Most of our models are sold together with a transport bag, so it's easy to take your display anywhere. They are also very useful in promoting brands and products, presenting promotions, launching products, among other purposes.

In addition, in our online resale store we offer prices that fit any budget, which makes Roll Ups one of the advertising displays most purchased by our customers .

Roll Up: an easy-to-assemble portable display that will accompany you at all times

At Displays Pro we take care to select the best advertising roll up models for you. We seek to bring you the most practical and versatile products, so that you can present your customers with a unique and diverse catalog, where quality will be the main characteristic.

As such, there are certain features that we cannot do without in our roll-ups, one of which is ease of assembly. As these are portable displays, the speed and simplicity with which they are assembled and transported is essential.

But then, how to put together a roll-up in a simple way?

  1. First, remove your display from the carrying bag, including all accessories.
  2. Then, remove the support rod that comes stored in the structure and assemble it, fitting it into the support.
  3. Open the feet of the support and press them down, in order to give the structure more stability for the next step.
  4. Gradually lift the banner, aligning both sides.
  5. When you reach the top of the pole, attach the banner hook to the support pole.

And so the Roll-up is ready to start attracting the eyes of anyone who passes by.

And to disassemble? To dismantle the promotional roll up it is necessary to repeat the process, but in reverse. Start by stepping on the feet of the stand to create stability, remove the banner hook from the support rod and lower the banner, being careful to lower both sides evenly.

It would be impossible to make it easier, wouldn't it? The advertising roll up is very versatile as it can be easily transported and set up in different spaces.

The 6 aspects that justify the need for an Advertising Roll Up in any marketing strategy

As previously mentioned,roll up is a popular option for displaying at events, trade shows, conferences and other marketing venues as it offers significant advantages . They are available in various sizes and are easy to assemble, making them a popular choice for businesses of different sizes. Here are some benefits of using a roll up:

  1. Easy to carry: Stand retractable banner is very easy to carry as it is compact and lightweight, therefore it can be easily taken to events.
  2. Quick assembly: Assembling the roll up is simple and quick, so you can quicklykly set it up and start displaying your message.
  3. Versatility: Roll ups are versatile in their application, making them useful for various marketing purposes. They are advertising material that can be easily adapted to different situations and environments.
  4. Effectiveness: With the custom design elements, this retractable tool can be highly effective in attracting attention and promoting a brand. Its printed area is quite large and can be used to display images, texts and other important information about the company or product.
  5. Reusable: Roll ups are reusable, allowing you to use the same display for multiple events. Its printing is made from resistant, high-quality material, which guarantees the roll’s durability for many years. Therefore, it is an excellent option for those who need a practical advertising piece, easy to transport and with an impressive look.
  6. Cost-benefit: Roll up is an affordable option compared to other forms of advertising, allowing you to obtain a good value for money.

These are just a few benefits of using a roll up as part of a marketing strategy. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, efficient, low-cost and highly visible solution to offer your customers, roll up could be the right choice for you and your business.

Take a look at our selection ofroll ups and discover the lowest prices on the market. At Displays Pro you will find the best deal for your brand.