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If you are looking for an advertising tool that guarantees high visibility and is capable of catching anyone's eye, then our Advertising Flags are ideals! In this category, you will have models of different shapes and sizes, so you can find the best advertising flag option for each environment and situation. Furthermore, this is also where you can buy all the necessary accessories and components for your advertising flags, such as flag bases, rotators and much more. Don't waste any more time! Explore our category ofoutdoor and indoor flagsand discover everything your business needs in one place!

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Advertising Flags: discover the star tool of outdoor events

Advertising flags are a type of advertising that, as the name suggests, consists of a flag made of fabric or other material, with the advertiser's logo, message or image printed on it. As they are a tool that guarantees expanded visibility, advertising flags are very versatile and effective, and can be placed both outdoors and indoors.

Of different sizes and shapes, they are often used to promote brands and events in strategic locations, such as busy streets, parking lots, fairs and exhibitions.</ p>

Due to their size and height, Advertising Flags are easily noticed by pedestrians and drivers when displayed outdoors, helping to raise awareness about the advertised brand. Furthermore, they can be used as decorative elements at events and business locations, helping to create a more lively and attractive atmosphere.

Why will your clients need advertising banners in their strategy? We present you 7 reasons!

Promotional banners are one of the most efficient means of marketing and can bring several advantages to companies that use them. Find out what they are and understand why this tool is in such great demand within the world of advertising.

  1. High visibility: Advertising flags are visually attractive and attract the public's attention. Furthermore, their dimensions are designed so that they can be seen from far away and in any direction, making them a great way to highlight a brand or event.
  2. Fits any budget: Advertising banners are relatively inexpensive compared to other advertising methods. They can be purchased at affordable prices and offer excellent value for money. You will quickly get a return on the amount invested.
  3. Increased sales: The visibility provided by an advertising banner can help attract more customers and, consequently, increase the company's sales.
  4. Durability: Advertising flags are made of resistant and durable materials, capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions such as strong winds and rain.
  5. Flexibility in installation: Advertising flags can be easily installed in different locations, such as building facades, walls, poles, among others. Our models were designed for easy and practical installation.
  6. Ease of transport: Marketing flags are lightweight and can be easily transported to events and fairs, where they can be used to promote your brand.
  7. Personalization: These tools can be customized according to the company's needs, using colors, images and slogans that represent the brand clearly and concisely. Custom flags will have a considerable impact on brand recognition. At Displays-Pro you can also find flags of different sizes and formats, which allows each company to choose the one that best suits its image and purpose.

Discover our models: Drop Flag, Wing Flag and much more!

As we mentioned previously, in our online store you will be able to find different models of advertising banners to fill your catalog with offers suited to each company.

Among the available models, we have the Bandeira Gota (shaped like a drop of water) and the Bandeira Wing (with a shape similar to a wing), two classic formats and, therefore, the most requested. Both are available in different dimensions: 2.8m, 3.4m and 4.5 meters.

In addition, in this category you will also get different accessories and complements to our advertising flags, to make them even more stable and functional according to with the intended purpose. Among these accessories, you will find cross bases, water, rotators and skewers with rotators.

As you can see, everything your company may need, Displays Pro has! Explore our categories and discover all our products and display accessories.