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Do you know where to buy Promotional Counters at the lowest price on the market? In this category you will find the most requested and efficient advertising counter models, at a price that is friendly to any budget. At Displays Pro we seek to offer the best solutions for your business. In other words, products at incredibly low prices without compromising the quality levels that your brand defends and maintains. We invite you to take a look at our advertising counters and check out our commercial offer for yourself.

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How to use a Promotional Counter?

An advertising counter is a physical structure used to display and promote products or services to customers. Generally found in commercial establishments, the promotional counter is an effective marketing tool to increase brand visibility, capture customer attention and boost sales.

This advertising tool works as a direct communication channel between the brand and the customer. It's an easy and effective way to attract consumers' attention and reinforce the company's identity.

But, for the advertising counter to be effective and present the desired results, it is necessary to take some aspects into account when customizing it and assemble, namely the design and message to be conveyed and the place where it will be displayed. Our tip is to use a simple but eye-catching design that matches the brand's identity, so that it is easy to associate with. Regarding the best place to use an advertising counter, the ideal is for it to be a place with a lot of people, such as in a shopping center, events, fairs and conferences. Due to its dimensions, this marketing tool will not go unnoticed.

As they are versatile advertising media, Promotional Counters will have a place in any advertising strategy, whether for a product, service or brand. In addition to being perfect promotional tools, they can also be used as an information desk to provide clarification about the brand's products or services. Another proof of the multifunctionality of this tool is that it can serve as a tasting stand or even for selling products.

Advertising counters: discover the advantages of these effective promoters!

Are you still unsure whether you should invest in these advertising tools or not? Then this list is for you! We have listed7 reasons why promotional counters are seen as a must-have in any strategic presence, such as in the case of events, trade fairs, advertising stands and many others.

  1. Increased visibility: It's impossible to look away when you pass a display with these dimensions, right? An advertising counter is an effective marketing tool that provides more visibility for a brand, product or service.

  2. Attracting customers: With an attractive design and well-crafted messages, the advertising counter can help attract new customers to any business.

  3. Greater reach: By placing the advertising counter in strategic locations, such as events, fairs, exhibitions or points of sale, you can reach more people and increase the  customer base.

  4. Brand strengthening: With a personalized advertising counter, it is possible to reinforce a brand's visual identity, generating more recognition and strengthening the company's image company.

  5. Low cost: Compared to other forms of advertising, counter advertising is a low-cost option, but with a great return on investment.

  6. Flexibility: The advertising counter is a versatile tool. Your personalization is easily removed and exchanged for another, so it can be adapted to different business needs and advertising campaigns. Although it is ideal for indoor exhibitions, it can also be used outdoors, weather conditions permitting.

  7. Easy to transport and assemble: Most advertising counter models are easy to transport and assemble, allowing you to take your message to wherever you want. When purchasing your promotional counter at Displays Pro, you will also receive a transport bag, in order to make transport and storage more practical and easier.

Now do you understand the importance of adding these powerful displays to your sales catalogue? Provide your customers with all the tools they need to launch their brands to new heights!