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Are you looking for an advertising tool that captures anyone's attention? Then you're in the right place! It is in this category that you will find the most effective pop ups displays at a price that suits your budget. Due to their grandeur, it will be impossible for our pop-up models to go unnoticed, even at busy events. In addition to being visually appealing, the pop-up is highly sought after by companies due to its versatility, durability and simplified assembly. Don't wait any longer! Add our products to the cart and get the best quality-price ratio for your business.

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Pop-up: a big “YES” for all companies looking for visibility

It has never been easier to offer your customers solutions that really work, especially when the purpose is to increase the visibility of a brand. Standing out from other competitors in large crowds and in busy places is now possible with our pop-up display models!

As displays are larger than advertising canvases, pop-ups help to highlight brands, especially when combined with a design creative, eye-catching and high quality.

But what actually is a pop up and what are its advantages over other advertising displays?

pop ups are a structure used to promote a product or brands at trade fairs and presentations. They also serve as a backdrop at events, where they are often used as a backdrop for photographs, interviews and press conferences.

They are generally made from aluminum and durable fabric and can be unfolded to create a wall-like structure with a printed canvas on the front.

They differ from other promotional materials because they are large portable displays. Generally composed of a resistant metal structure, pop up banners are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. Plus, these bold freestanding displays are simple to fold and store. These features make this promotional tool a practical option to use at different events and conferences.

But there are many more reasons why a pop-up should be added to an effective marketing strategy when the goal is to make an impact and give visibility to a brand.

For example, the fact that they are reusable and very durable tools. When stored and operated according to the manufacturer's instructions, these pop-ups are advertising media capable of lasting several years.

Which gives us another advantage: they are a good investment. As they are flexible and customizable, it is possible to apply different canvases and graphics to the same structure.

Last but not least, pop-up displays present an excellent cost-benefit ratio . Unlike digital screens, using pop-up displays does not require such a large budget. They are cheaper but offer the same benefits and make your business stand out. Furthermore, because they are portable, they can reduce transportation or operating costs.

A pop up banner template for every situation

At Displays Pro you can find everything you need in one place. And this includes different pop up banner models, so that your catalog is versatile and adaptable, capable of responding to any situation your customers present.

You can choose betweenstraight pop-up displays or curved pop-ups< /strong>. A straight pop up works best for smaller spaces. Curved displays fold inwards and look great at exhibitions, fairs and large events.

Explore our online store and discover all our display solutions, including the different models ofpop-ups, including the curved pop-up, the XXL display and the fabric display banner. Get the guarantee of high quality at the lowest price on the European market!